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About Chartered 1031

The main focus at Chartered 1031 Services, Inc. is customer service. IRC 1031 exchanges can sometimes be complicated, but more so when clients are working on their first 1031 transaction. Our goal at Chartered 1031 is to take the uncertainty out of the transaction and make our clients feel comfortable. Many qualified intermediaries try to have you fill out forms over the internet and limit your conversations. Chartered 1031 takes the opposite approach we encourage our clients to contact us so that they feel confident and comfortable as they work through their transaction.

Chartered 1031 also places a great deal of importance on knowledge. The principals of Chartered 1031 have many years of experience and are well respected in the 1031 industry. Our team is here to help add value to your transaction as we work with your advisors to structure your exchange.

Last, but certainly not least, Chartered 1031 is concerned with the security of its clients' funds. One of the main tasks of a qualified intermediary is to hold in escrow the net proceeds from the sale of the 1031 property. Unlike many qualified intermediaries, Chartered 1031 opens up a separate segregated escrow account for each client. Clients are always able to request a letter verifying account balances directly from the bank upon request and receive a copy of Chartered 1031's fidelity bond. Clients are encouraged to read the article titled "Qualified Intermediary Due Diligence" under the articles section of this website.

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