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Chartered 1031 Services
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Chartered 1031 Services, Inc. publishes a newsletter once a quarter which is delivered by email.

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Chartered 1031 Services

Chartered 1031 Services, Inc. prides itself on treating each exchange as the important transaction it is. Because of our experience we are able to handle many different types of exchanges. Chartered 1031 is committed to giving personalized service to every client, but especially those who are new to §1031 exchanges.

  • Nationwide 1031 Qualified Intermediary Services
  • Delayed and Simultaneous Exchange Structures
  • Reverse and Improvement Parking Exchanges
  • Personal Property Exchanges
  • Segregated Escrow Accounts for each Exchange
  • Fidelity Bond for Unsurpassed Security of Exchange Funds
  • Free Accredited Continuing Education Courses for Attorneys, CPAs, Realtors and other Professionals
  • Unparalleled Expertise and Customer Service
  • Member of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators

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